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What is Dandinglish?

Dandinglish is a one-on-one English conversation service that will set up regular gigs for YOU.


Carefully selected DANDY lessons.

English lesson gigs

English language conversation lessons set up for you. We get the students and regularly scheduled lessons for you.

Safety First

We screen each person you will have classes with and will be available contact if you ever have the need to contact us.

Get Paid

You will get paid at a fixed rate depending on frequency of lessons at negotiable rates.

Dandinglish Teachers

Dandy and intelligent instructors

Jurdel Bell


Joshua Eastland


Frank Speight


Lessons Examples

Dandinglish offers original English lessons based on the level, needs and schedule of the students.

Free Talk

Enjoy a relaxing conversation in English

Office Lessons

Learn with English Speaker at your office

Skill Lesons

Learn a new skill in English


This service is only for gentlemen and ladies who can adhere strictly to the rules of Dandinglish.

Do not exchange contact info

For Dandinglish lessons you may not exchange your private contact information. Even the case your students ask you. This means social network accounts, phone number, email etc.

Hold lessons in public spaces only

Lessons will be held only in public places. Use of private space is strictly prohibited.


Be on time and hold the class to its start and end time as exactly as possible. You can not go to other places with your student after the lesson.


Easy 4 step process

  • STEP1

    Register with us

    You will be added to our database for potential students to select from. we will promote you with the information you provide.

  • STEP2

    You get selected to teach English

    We we set up regular classes with the students.

  • STEP3

    Teach your class

    Teach your class at a cafe or other public place times and places are determined by your own schedule.

  • STEP4

    Get paid!

    You will be paid monthly after adding up all your classes together.。

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